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216 West Sealy
In touch with the past...planning for the future. Alvin is the place to be
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121 S. Velasco
Angleton, TX 77515
Welcome to Angleton.. "Where the Heart is"
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6243 Brookside Road
Brookside Village, TX 77581
The City of Brookside Village, Texas, is an incorporated residential community on Clear Creek twenty-six miles north of Angleton in the extreme north of Brazoria County, just south of the Houston city limits and the Harris County line. Incorporated in December 1959, the city encompasses a total land area of 2.1 square miles and is home to approximately 1,523 residents, as reported in the 2010 census. The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway served the community at one time. The 1936 county highway map showed only scattered dwellings at the townsite, but after incorporating in 1959, the population numbered 560 by 1961. Brookside Village is a Type A, General Law city, and is Mayor-/Council-ruled. Officers hold these unpaid positions for two-year terms, attained by popular vote in city-wide, May elections.
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108 E. Main Street
Clute, Tx 77531
GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN CLUTE! Home of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival!
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City Hall
Danbury, TX 77534
A small town just east of Angleton, Texas where everyone is always welcome! "Little Town, Big Heart"
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200 W. 2nd Street
Freeport, TX 77541
Where Fun Happens!! Freeport has a rich history. In 1528, Cabeza de Vaca landed in the area and named the river "Los Brazos de Dios." In 1822, Stephen F. Austin landed at the mouth of the Brazos River and founded Velasco. In the next 15 years, about 25,000 people entered the Republic of Texas through Velasco. In 1836 following the decisive battle of San Jacinto, Velasco was made the first capital of the Republic of Texas by interim President David G. Burnet.n 1929, the river was diverted south of town, leaving the Old Brazos riverbed as a protected harbor leading to the Gulf of Mexico. Originally two towns, Velasco & Freeport, on opposites of the Old Brazos River, joined to become the City of Freeport in 1957. Freeport is a part of the Texas Independence Trail.Did you know Velasco had a lighthouse? Check out other interesting facts about Freeport and Velasco at our Freeport Historical Museum.
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200 W. Timberline Dr.
Alvin, Tx 77511
"A Place To Call Home"
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12003 CR 65
Rosharon, TX 77853
"Where We Make It Happen" IOWA COLONY, TEXAS (Brazoria County). Iowa Colony is on State Highway 288 south of Manvel in northern Brazoria County. It was founded in 1908 by the Immigration Land Company of Des Moines, Iowa, and received its name from Iowans G. I. Hoffmann and Robert Beard. The community received a post office in 1919, and rice farming was introduced there in 1920. Although not directly on a railroad line, Iowa Colony was served by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe line through nearby Manvel. The population grew slowly to twenty-seven and remained at that level until the mid-1960s. The discovery of oil in 1948 brought regional employment to the area. By 1961 the Iowa Colony post office had closed, yet during the 1960s the settlement began to grow vigorously as part of the greater Houston area. By 1973 Iowa Colony had been incorporated, and by 1989 the town listed a population of 661. The city hall, community center, and municipal court are all housed in the same building, next to the fire department. In 1990 the population was 675. The population was 804 in 2000.
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25 Oak Dr.
Lake Jackson, Tx 77515
Lake Jackson, "City of Enchantment", originated in 1941 when the great push was on to build the Dow Plants. Dr. A. P. Beutel, first General Manager of Dow’s Texas Division, had an idea which was to prove fateful to the history of Brazoria County... Facing a basic decision as to what could be done to provide living accommodations for the thousands of Dow employees already here and the thousands more to come, Dr. Beutel took a carload of his fellow Dow directors over bumpy country roads to the site of the old Lake Jackson Plantation. He stopped the car and said, "What we ought to do is build a complete new town here!" This was the beginning of the City of Lake Jackson. The Dow Board of Directors agreed with him that a new community offered a better solution to the problems than attempting to develop additional areas of the already existing Brazoria County towns.
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8901 CR 171
Liverpool, Tx 77577
We, of the Liverpool City Council & City Staff wish to welcome you to the first website for the City of Liverpool, Texas. It is our fervent wish that you will use our site often to find all your information concerning the city and the citizens that live here. The pages of this site have been constructed with care in mind of you the citizens of our town, who are the ones that we serve. We invite you to use this site often, as well as, help us to keep our pages full with all the local news that drives our community. This site will be your portal to finding out about the city officials that are working hard for our community. If you have concerns about our community then they are the people to whom you would speak. If they are not able help you then they should be able to point you in the right direction so that your concerns may be addressed properly.
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20025 Highway 6
Manvel, TX 77578
"City On The Rise"
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195 N. Texas Ave.
Angleton, TX 77515
The Town of Holiday Lakes, is located in Brazoria County approximately 9 miles due west of Angleton, Oyster Creek is the western border. Holiday Lakes is off of County Road 30N, off of FM 521 (Almeda Rd.). The town consists of mainly residential areas built around five small lakes; all situated about 2 miles east of the Brazos River. Holiday Lakes was incoroporated in 1981. Holiday Lakes has a Convenience Store (The Trading Post, Owned and Operated by George and Donna Brown), a Baptist Church (Holiday Lakes Baptist Church, Brother Mark Richards Pastor), and a Local Watering Hole (The Hitching Post, Operated by Clay Stevens and Rhonda Cantu).
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1680 Jimmy Phillips Blvd.
Angleton, TX 77515
It is said that the highway that connects Angleton and West Columbia (and also runs through Bailey's Prairie) is haunted by the ghost of one James Briton Bailey - for whom the area was named. According to legend, the ghost, carrying a lantern, roams across the flat land of Brazoria County - at night, constantly searching for a jug of whiskey. It appears as a bouncing, white ball of light floating about four to six feet off the ground occasionally making an appearance somewhere between West Columbia and Angleton. A large number of folks have seen the phenomenon known as "Bailey's Light." For the rest of the story, visit our website.
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19025 FM 521
Rosharon, TX 77853
The Village of Bonney is located 10 miles north of Angleton and 37 miles south of Houston off of Texas State Highway 288. City Hall is located at 19025 FM 521. Our telephone number is (281) 595-2269. Our office hours are 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
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7207 Stephen F. Austin
Jones Creek, Tx 77541
"Historic City of the Future" The Village of Jones Creek, Texas is located in Southwestern Brazoria County along Highway 36. It stretches for approximately 5 miles along Highway 36 and is about 2 miles wide. It is conveniently located close to Bryan Beach, Quintana Beach, and Surfside Beach, with excellent shopping and restaurants nearby in Lake Jackson, Freeport, and Brazoria. With a current population of 2,020, it is home to Stephen F. Austin Elementary “The Pride of Jones Creek”, several historical markers, and the original gravesite of Stephen F. Austin at the Gulf Prairie Cemetery. Jones Creek is rich in history, which includes The Battle of Jones Creek, and the settlement of “The Old Three Hundred.” What was once gorgeous plantations set among massive live oak trees, is now a quiet, picturesque community consisting of several churches, convenience stores, and other diverse businesses.
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1304 Monument Dr
Surfside Beach
Discover the Treasures of Village of Surfside Beach Texas.
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